Monday, April 18, 2011

21st Annual Cattlemen's Western Art Show

          This is my second year exhibiting my work in Paso Robles,        Cattlemen's Show.
                 New paintings of the Paso Robles Vineyards.
                                  My Booth at the show.
My friend Don Weller a fellow illustrator and fine artist who was also in the show stopped by to watch me start my demo painting.
 My friend and sculptor Joe Eggert gives me a few pointers to make the horse just right                                                      

                                                                     Hard at work.
Just about finished. I brought the painting back to my studio for some final refinements.

West Fest Design Expo Palm Springs Ca.

                            This is my booth at the show

My friend Bob Krogle was also in this Art Show. We met 27 years ago when we were starting our careers as illustrators working together at a Design studio in L.A.

West Fest Palm Springs Ca.

I started this painting at the show and worked on it about two hours each day.
 The finished painting on the last day of the show after about eight hours of work.